Golden Visa

What is it?

Who can appeal?


The "Golden Visa" is a special regime of the Resident Authorization for Investment Activities in Portugal, promoted for citizens that come from countries outside the European Union.

The new laws offer the possibility for foreign investors to request the authorization upon the realization of money transfers, creation of jobs or purchase of property. According to the applicable laws, they are also given the right to:

   - Ramily reunification;
   - Benefit from the tax regime for non-regular residents;
   - Access to a permanent resident authorization;
   - Access to the Portuguese nationality

The authorization is valid for 1 year and may be renewed successively for periods of two years, considering that the minimum permanency in the national territory is up to 7 or 14 days, depending on whether it is the first year or a renovation year.

The Non-EU nationals that proceed to an investment (personal or through a society) that fits in the following situations:

   - Purchase of properties in national territory in an equal or superior amount of 500 thousand Euros;
   - Money transfers in an equal or superior amount of 1 million Euros (including stocks or company shares);
   - Creation of, at least, 10 jobs.

It is required that the investment activity is guaranteed by a Sworn Statement and the same is kept during a five year period, dating from the concession of the residence authorization. The applicants must also enter regularly in national territory and have a valid Schengen visa or benefit from visa immunity.

In the case of money transfers in an equal or superior amount of 1 million Euros, the applicant is obliged to offer proof of the investment (including stocks or company shares) through:

   - A declaration of a financial institution authorized to attest the effective money transfer to the account in which the applicant is the only or the first holder, or to the acquisition of stocks or company shares. Or
   - An updated certificate of commercial record that proves the detention of the participation in the society (the applicant is given the proportional amount of his/her participation in the social capital).

In the case of creating, at least, 10 jobs:

   - Show through an updated certificate of the Portuguese Social Security that the applicant created 10 jobs and signed the workers in the Social Security.

In the case of having acquired properties in an equal or superior amount of 500 thousand Euros:

   - Present a purchasing tittle or a promise of purchase that shows full ownership of the property and a declaration of a financial institution that states an effective money transfer of the purchase or the deposit of the promise of purchase; the purchase may be in ownership if each of the owners invest an equal or superior amount of 500 thousand Euros; and
   - Present an updated certificate from the Land Registry Office that states the respective registration in the case of a promissory contract.
   - The properties with a value higher that 500 thousand Euros may be encumbered or become available to rent for commercial, agricultural or touristic activities.    - There is interest in purchasing properties whose construction has been concluded for over 30 years, or properties that are located in an urban restoration area. In this case, the property shall be restored under a minimum amount of €350.000,00 and one may benefit from a 20% reduction if the investment occurs in low density territories.

This information is dated June 2015. For more information visit the official site.

Regime For Non-Regular Residents

What is it?


The tax Regime For Non-Regular Residents was created with the purpose of attracting to Portugal non-resident professionals qualified for activities with high added value intellectual or industrial propriety or knowhow.

This tax regime reports to the elimination of the international double taxation when it comes to pensions and foreign earned income and a special tax rate of 20% on earned income in Portugal.
The enrolment as a non-regular resident provides the right of taxation for a period of ten years, starting at the time of the admission as a fiscal resident in Portugal and bearing in mind that the applicant has to remain in the country during that period of time.

The same regime applies to emigrants that wish to return to Portugal.

To enjoy this regime, the applicants:

   - May not have resided in Portugal in the last 5 years;
   - Must register themselves in the local tax office and must have lived in Portugal for more than 183 days (consecutive or non-sequential) or, in case of shorter periods, applicants must prove that they own a house and have full intention of residing in Portugal until 31st December of the same year;
   - The application for a registration as non-regular resident should be submitted at the moment of the registration as a resident on Portuguese territory or later until March 31st, of the following the year in which one became resident on Portuguese territory.
   - Must obtain a Portuguese fiscal identification number in a local tax office;
   - Must open a bank account in Portugal; and
   - Must register in the Social Security, but only in case of earning income in category A or B in Portugal.
   - When the applicants do not register in the Social Security, the non-regular residents must have a health insurance valid in national territory or own a European health card in order to guarantee their protection in case of sickness or accident.

This information is dated June 2015. For more information visit the official site.